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Quick Meals

Here are some ideas for quick meals

Fast Food Style Burgers (diet)

2 burgers (beef, turkey or chicken) 
1 slice ham 
1 slice low fat cheese 
lettuce tomato and onion 
Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper 
olive Oliveira da Serra 
1 egg 


Season the burgers with salt and pepper and grill on both sides. (put a slice of low fat cheese to melt in one burguer)

In a frying pan put a little olive oil and the onion "sliced". Let simmer. When it´s almost ready put some Worcestershire sauce. Let cook a little longer. 
In a non stick frying pan put a drop of olive oil and fry the egg. 
Put a burger on a plate, the ham, lettuce and tomato, on top put the burger that has cheese, the fried onions  and a fried egg on top. 

1 zucchini slicced
1 Onion
Tomato (cut in pieces)
Olive Oliveira da Serra
2 eggs
1 chicken sausage
salt, pepper, seasoning Margao Tastes of the World Oriental 

In a wok, put the olive oil and the sliced onion , let simmer. Add the zucchini and cook until it starts to get cooked, add the tomatoes and let it simmer.
In a bowl beat the eggs with the spices. Add the sausage and add in the wok.

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